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Power 4 Patriots

How to "pull the plug" on the power monopolies and be more self-reliant.

Kriss B. lives off the grid in Colorado.
See his story in the video above.

Do you feel frustrated or angry every time the electric bill arrives? If so, you're not alone.

USA Today reported that since 2007 electricity costs have skyrocketed — to $300 more per household annually. This is not due to all the new gadgets in people's homes. In fact, most modern appliances and electronics require far less electricity than earlier models. Nevertheless, this is the largest sustained increase in costs since the 1970s, and it's not getting any better.

Barack Obama warned that electricity rates would "necessarily" skyrocket under his administration's plans, and some believe this was done so that mainstream Americans wouldn't object to these gradual, steady increases. In a video interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, Obama said that under his energy plan, “Coal-powered plants, natural gas plants... they would have to retrofit their operations, that will cost money, that they will pass that money on to consumers.”

So that's it? The people were "warned," so now they just have to bend over and take it?

Not so, says Power4Patriots. This website was formed by Americans who were fed up with big government legislating their lives in the name of progressivism, while striking back door deals with big power monopolies, who in turn jack up prices on the essential things every family needs to survive—power and heat.

But, rather than just complaining about the situation, Power4Patriots gives people everything they need to regain their independence and peace of mind through cutting their power and heating bills by up to 75%. It's about restoring power, security and control for you and your family— and it's 100% legal.  

Power4Patriots offers simple, yet ingenious tricks and strategies to get all of the energy you and your family need for a fraction of what big companies charge. It also shows people how easy it is to access wind, solar and other natural means to bring abundant energy into your home—at any time of year and in varying weather conditions. It seems unimaginable that everyday Americans could break their reliance on the energy company monopolies for their own hot water and electricity, but thousands of honest, hard-working folks have made it happen.

The Power4Patriots system is designed for everyone at any income level. That means real independence, and the power to keep your family safe, warm and protected no matter what happens in the future.

The cold, hard truth is that the United States' power grid is completely outdated and incredibly vulnerable to both terrorist attacks and natural disasters. And with the politicians in Washington, there's no telling where the country will be in another four years. But you can have the power and security—literally—to shape your own destiny.

Click here to learn more about Power4Patriots and put your family's destiny back in your hands.

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